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Introducing elfmalloc, a pure-#rust allocator with performance competitive with jemalloc

@ezrosent and I are happy to announce elfmalloc, a new allocator written in pure Rust!

Quick links:

This project actually involved a number of crates - 9 in total. They are all in this repository, and many are interesting on their own:

  • bagpipe, a fast concurrent bag datastructure
  • bsalloc, a simple “bootstrapping” allocator useful in implementing other allocators
  • mmap-alloc, an allocator backed by direct mapping of memory pages
  • malloc-bind, a utility to implement the C malloc API in terms of a Rust allocator
  • slab-alloc, an implementation of Jeff Bonwick’s slab allocator algorithm
  • object-alloc, a trait for object allocators in Rust
  • object-alloc-test, a test suite for object allocators including memory corruption detection

This project is still in its early phases, there is a lot of work to do, and we would love contributions! See for details.

Other links: Reddit thread, Rust users’ forum thread