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CloudFlare for RSS? Please don't use aggressive settings!

For those using CloudFlare to host RSS feeds (like Rust Herald), please don’t set the protection too aggressively. CloudFlare uses ProjectHoneyPot to get a ‘reputation’ score for an IP address, and I’ve been all week trying to resolve what appears to be a false positive against my server IP address from ProjectHoneyPot, most probably (from the tiny amount of information available) due to someone spamming links to my website, although even that much is unclear. The symptoms are the RSS feeds getting blocked with a CAPTCHA. Neither CloudFlare support/community nor ProjectHoneyPot have really helped. People have only suggested various workarounds, like get a new IP address. It was CloudFlare support that suggested getting site owners to change their settings. The experience has been more than a little Kafkaesque.