What is this?

The Rust Herald is a site maintained by the Rust community to promote your Rust work. It is based on ElixirStatus, built by the Elixir community to provide an outlet where people can post stuff they have created.

An ongoing community stream

It is not so much a link sharing platform where you post stuff you find, but more of a creator-hub where you can post when you have something new to announce, like:

  • a project
  • a blog post
  • a version update
  • an episode of your podcast
  • or if you are organizing a meetup/conference

Why should I post my stuff here?

Rust Herald is just infrastructure. Your announcement will appear on this website, but more importantly it will be distributed via RSS, on Twitter. It might end up in This Week in Rust.


ElixirStatus is a web app written in Elixir+Phoenix running in production. Elixir is awesome!