RustBelt conference talk

Last week, I was in Los Angeles at POPL 2018 to present our RustBelt paper. The talk has been recorded, so if you want to get a 20-minute summary of the paper, go watch it on YouTube.

This is how you make your rust application available to FreeBSD users

Ammonia 1.0.0 final

The Rust HTML sanitizer, based on html5ever, is now stable, with an API that allows extensions and performance tuning in the future.

RustBelt: Securing the Foundations of the Rust Programming Language [final version]

The final version of the RustBelt paper is ready. It is 4 pages longer than the submitted one we shared earlier this year, containing much more details about the type system :)

Dev diary. Tips for working with C from Rust

I’ve written an article that answers questions I’ve been asking when I was working with C library from Rust.

[first real crate] Rust bindings to libnv

Hey, so I’m working lib rust library that can manipulate FreeBSD’s jails, but in order to do so I have to interact with ZFS and in order to do so I must be able to construct Name/Value lists. Turns out it was a good library to learn about FFI wrappers. Comments very welcome.


There was a piece of non-Rust spam pushed into Rust Herald and subsequently, Twitter.

We deleted the posting and will monitor for other occurrences.

Rust Berlin Meetup: October 2017

Berlin Rust Meetup on Wednesday, October 18th

LDN.RS Learning and Hacking #4

Learn you some #rustlang Mon 16th

kubeclient: a Kubernetes client in Rust

An ergonomic Kubernetes API client to manage Kubernetes resources.

crate - repo - docs

Fun with the Rust Alloc trait: A custom Vec implementation backed by elfmalloc

Fun with the Rust Alloc trait: a custom Vec implementation backed by elfmalloc

RFC822/2822 Sanitizer


World is full of broken code and invalid day times. Sanitize invalid RFC822/2822 inputs into valid chrono date times.

Ammonia 1.0-rc1

Ammonia, the HTML sanitizer that parses fragments the same way that browsers do, is getting a stable API. Please give feedback now, before a bunch of decisions get set in stone.

binaryen-rs: WebAssembly production with Rust.

Binaryen bindings for Rust which you can use to produce WebAssembly binaries!

I'm working on a pet shell project in rust. It uses a lisp dialect for scripting:

It is still in a very initial stage, but I want to replace zsh with it eventually.

esp-rs: Compiling Rust for ESP8266

This build script builds Rust bindings to the ESP8266 Arduino library (support for other libraries installed by PlatformIO is in progress), transpiles Rust to C, then compiles it with PlatformIO.

kylyp : use rust, rocket, diesel, postgresql, and responsive design to build a new Forum.


A new Forum !

The project use rust, rocket, diesel, postgresql, and responsive design to build a new Forum.

bulletinboard: Your general-purpose DHT

An internet-wide Distributed Hash Table for your key/value pairs!

Rust syntax highlighting for Midinight Commander

Info on integrating Rust code into a C codebase

Librsvg, the library for rendering [SVG] files used by GNOME and other Linux Desktop software, is using Rust in their current release. They’ve written up how the build system is integrated, how the FFI is done, how external libraries are handled, and basic information on doing Rust.

Other than needing to have a Rust compiler to build it, it should still feel exactly like a C program.